Looking for a marketing campaign that will deliver a high ROI?

Want to launch your latest album or product with a bang?

Want a rabid fan-base that won’t stop talking about you?

Wish you could deliver the perfect pitch to customers and investors every single time?

Whatever your problem is, we provide a video solution.
Filmmakers at Heart, Business on our Minds
We’re a collective of filmmakers from all over the United States. Each of us has a wildly different story of how we got into the film industry, and this balance of experiences makes us uniquely suited to understand a wide range of diverse demographics. To learn more about who we are, read our bios below.

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Founder, Director, Cinematographer

“Originally from New Jersey; in my third year of chemical engineering at  the University of Florida I discovered cinematography was a legitimate career. I decided to pursue cinematography because it combines art with problem solving. Now I enjoy bringing my talents to the screen and solving  marketing problems for brands I’m passionate about.”  
Writer, Director, Cinematographer

“I grew up in western Kentucky and spent a few years in the Army, serving at the Pentagon. Used my GI bill to go to film school in Nashville and directed my first short film, Trog, which has been well-received so we’re making into a feature. I met Mike at Burning Man and after visiting him a week later, I knew LA was about to be my new home.”
Brandon Norwood
Producer, Editor, VFX Artist

“Born in Ohio but lived all around the world. Spent most my life traveling around Europe while serving 11 years in the Air Force. After my time in, I pursued education in Software Engineering at University of West Florida. I found I had a love for Computer Science, but my passion was Special Effects & Producing. I strive to bring media to greater heights.” 
Austin Taylor
Actor, Writer, Editor

“Born & raised swinging a baseball bat in northern Indiana, I discovered I was meant to live in the trenches of production after my first year of college. I met Tyler and Brandon in Nashville and we built a production company but that wasn’t enough. We bought a bus and moved to the best place to use our skills on both sides of the camera – LA.”
Hair & Makeup

  “I grew up filming stock car races every weekend! I never even wore makeup until I moved to Hollywood. I love my career as a Makeup Artist & visual storyteller. My methodology and integrative approach is unique, refreshing, & holistic. I love dance & comedy. I snort when I laugh! Los Angeles & Hawaii are my happy places.”
Location Sound Mixer

Why Video?
More customers.  More fans. Higher conversion rates. Bigger online presence. Lower cost-per-lead.

If you’re like most people, your list of marketing goals includes those objectives right at the top.

A targeted video campaign is a highly effective way to reach those goals and more.

After all, a video is only effective when it’s put in front of the right audience.

We have the expertise to craft professional, high-end videos and we have the creative talent to produce content that your audience will love.

According to Cisco, in two years 80% of all internet traffic will be video, meaning those without a video strategy will be left behind.

Stay ahead of the curve with a done-for-you video campaign that gets your content in front of the right audience.

“Michael was great. Took tons of time to talk and storyboard with me and then did a solid job of communicating.”
Joey Zwicker, Pachyderm
“Michael did an amazing job and the video is featured on our website! Would welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again.”
Kimberly Greenberg, Wonolo
“Team was impressed with Michael’s ability to set the bar high in terms of implementing vision while also having the attention to detail and technical skills that turn that vision into reality.”
Devin O’ Brien, Zumper
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